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Hectronic Digitizes with easy2fuel Fuel and Fleet Cards

App instead of plastic! Digitizing the payment at the fuel pump, easy2fuel from Hectronic Digital Solutions transfers fuel and fleet cards as well as debit and credit cards to an app. Thanks to the pay@pump solution of the medium-sized company from Bonndorf drivers can settle their fuel bill easily and quickly by smartphone right at the fuel pump and receive a comprehensive overview of all transactions. Filling station operators control easy2fuel by the web-based and intuitively operable management tool ConSy by which you can, among other things, evaluate user, station and transaction data around the clock and independent of the workplace.


The triumph of mobile payment that has experienced an additional boost in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic does not stop at the fuel stations. It is worth taking a closer look at this trend. If you offer car and truck drivers the quick and convenient mobile payment by smartphone at the fuel pump, you position yourself as a modern brand and tap new customer groups. The complete solution easy2fuel by Hectronic Digital Solutions supports operators owning one or more stations and oil companies with different network sizes in taking the innovative payment method to their stations.


The heart of easy2fuel is the management tool ConSy. The platform is web-based; via internet connection it allows users access around the clock and from different end devices. Users receive overviews of all app activities and analysis options, including statistics of app users, transactions and filling stations. Furthermore, the intuitively operable management tool allows to control the user and rights administration. 




Easy Connection Thanks to Standard Interfaces

All fuel terminal models from Hectronic can currently be connected to ConSy. As Hectronic Digital Solutions uses the standard IFSF (International Forecourt Standards Forum) for easy2fuel, the fuelling technology of other manufacturers can be integrated via respective interfaces. For this purpose, the medium-sized enterprise from Bonndorf is already liaising with several companies. With respect to the connection of different mobile payment providers, Hectronic also counts on a technology standard, the MPPA (Mobile Payment Processing Application). Using this standard, further interfaces - among others with the pay@pump solutions of ryd, Pace and iomoto - are already implemented.


It is also possible to connect ConSy to the app easy2fuel developed by Hectronic Digital Solutions and already being used with customers such as Baywa, TotalEnergies and Leu Energie. The app represents fuel and fleet cards as well as further payment options such as debit and credit cards in a digital way, thus allowing mobile payment at the fuel pump. Upon each visit to the filling station users can enter the mileage, trace their fuelling processes in the app by means of a document history and even forward invoices, e.g. to the accounting department of the employer. In addition, easy2fuel offers numerous other features such as the recording of the mileage via smartphone camera and a petrol station search within a radius of 100 kilometres.


Hectronic Digital Solutions has also realized a few exciting functions for filling station operators. Among other things, they can offer a selected customer group individual fuel prices resp. discounts by storing the respective information with the customer data in ConSy. Furthermore, operators can forward push news to app users via the management tool and in this way send targeted marketing activities such as offers in the shop or discounts on car washes to the app users. Company news, e.g. about the opening of new locations or temporary closures due to reconstruction measures, can be found in a separate news area. 


The use of easy2fuel is not only possible at classic petrol stations with conventional fuels. Hectronic Digital Solutions has also adapted easy2fuel to the special requirements of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) fuel stations where the HecVision Eco is installed. With easy2fuel the complete authorization and payment process is not performed via the display of the fuel terminal but via smartphone or tablet. First, the truck driver selects the respective fuel pump in the app. Unlike the refuelling solution for conventional fuels, this is followed by the mandatory security prompt and vehicle selection. In this way, the fuel pump knows via interface at which pressure and temperature LNG is to be delivered. Now, all the driver has to do is authorize the refuelling by entering a PIN or by fingerprint. The settlement is performed by the payment method stored in ConSy. When the desired amount of LNG is refilled, the driver can directly resume the journey without having to go to the terminal. Of course, easy2fuel also masters refueling or charging with other alternative fuels such as hydrogen and electricity.


Flexible Solution for Different Requirements

easy2fuel is suitable for single filling stations, filling station networks, small and large fleets. Mobile payment for conventional or alternative fuels and electricity becomes a piece of cake. Low investment costs and quick implementation facilitate the entry. Hectronic Digital Solutions can adapt the white-label solution to the specific company requirements and individualize it by integrating the corporate design, thus creating an app that is tailor-made for the customer.

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