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The future-proof solution for mobile payment

Digitise the payment processes of your petrol station and offer your customers a mobile payment method for your station cards, fuel cards and credit cards.

  • Your station or fuel card becomes an app
  • Direct payment from the car at the fuel pump
  • Quick refuelling processes, short refuelling times
  • Costs for physical fuel card are eliminated
  • Digital receipts can replace physical prints
  • Modern image through innovative payment methods
  • Extended customer base through cross-network mobile payment
  • Quick and secure payment process
  • Free easy2fuel app in the stores
  • Payment method can be individually selected (station, fleet and credit cards)
  • Digital transaction history in the app with transfer function
  • Registration of mileage possible in app
  • Easy and secure login by fingerprint
  • Petrol station finder with price indication

easy2fuel - functional principle

By using the app you allow your customers easier and quicker payment processes and a comprehensive overview of all transactions by using the administrative function.


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Point of Acceptance


2. Refuelling

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